I remember the first time I tried LSD at the age of 13. It was a small tab of paper with a blue telephone receiver on it. I remember examining the tab and admiring the colors and textures and had no idea what I was in store for. At that moment light sound and colors took a whole new shape and things would never be the same.

I think life and art all follow in that same formula.Trying to break new ground from where old ideas die and then are born .Otherwise they would be forgotten.

I take inspiration from the sights and sounds of nightlife in the city & 60s psychedelia. I see things through a mirrored eye and collect fragments of moment’s I’m living in.I take elements from the past present and future to create something in the moment.Everything is eventually forgotten (history art etc), that’s why most of my work reminds me of a paisley zombie ready for that one last mind blowing trip…

Art is in a time of laziness and shortcuts.  Everything is so accessible and user friendly that now almost every single human is a self proclaimed artist, which has pros and cons of its own.  I think people need to give more credit to the old ways of creation. Sitting down and doing everything manually and taking your sweet ass time, even if it means loosing your mind in the process. It seems so much more full of substance and authentic when you do it all by hand.No Photoshop or conventional silk-screening equipment, just scissors glue my hands and home made equipment.