Ryan Machan gives us a contemporary look on where today’s man stands in the modern world. He is a self taught artist that continues to question the way we judge success, despite being scrutinized for doing so. His life’s body of work, so far, includes several mediums: film, silkscreen and paint, to name a few.

Ryan’s work has been seen in store front window displays, television, newspaper, several art shows and can currently be seen at Museum London in London, Ontario where he resides. Most recognized by his large canvas pieces with vibrant use of colour, often his signature image of the unevolved ape-man, and words that by some could be taken with offense. He is not timid about forcing viewers to question themselves or to show his own frustrations. Begging to answer, when man is stripped down to raw emotion, have they really evolved so much? No matter, his art commands attention.

His latest experiment is that of portrait style pieces, now the next step in his growth as an artist. Whether it be in the strength of his brush strokes or the rawness of his images, he is always struggling to figure out his (or man’s) relationship with fellow man, the world itself and, of course, the opposite sex. Ryan’s ever changing direction and the guts to follow through always keeps both critics and followers intrigued to see more.