I don’t think that I make art.  For the most part, I make things that you can wear although lately I have been making things on paper, but this is still very new for me.  Because I am not trained in any practice, everything I make is a result of trial and error.  This means that I do a lot of experimenting, which also means that I waste a lot of materials.  Some things work out, most do not.  The ratio at which the finished products are “good” or “bad” is not always in my favour, but I continue trying.  Sometimes I make fire, but for now, I am content with making smoke.

The grouping of pieces on exhibition here, deal with shapes.  Three very basic shapes.  Triangle, Circle and Square.  The proportions never change and neither do their size, but placement and colour do.

Combined with found, deadstock papers & translucent paints, these screens prints are reminiscent of the days of graphic design before the age of computers.  Slightly misaligned, warm in texture and colour; a clean approach to standard forms in a complex world.  What more do we need?


Todd was born the year ‘Star Wars” came out which can only be seen as a good omen. Born and raised in Ajax, On., you wouldn’t know it by the skill and intellect of his work that he did not attend a formal art school. He is a self-taught professional screen printer and graphic designer and one time owner of the clothing line Equinox Forward which we hope to see new prints in the future. He is currently the graphic designer and textile printer for HOI BO and has remained an avid DJ and record collector of disco, rare groove, and weirdo house.


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